CTM systems

CTM Systems, provide one of the UK's leading bespoke material handling processing and storage solution services for large and bulk materials. Their bespoke packages cover a multitude of industries including: Water Waste Treatment, Food Industry, Bio Fuels Handling, Pet Food Industry, Chemical Handling, Quarrying and Waste Water Handling.

AClass Engineering were appointed to help design, manufacture and deliver the silos and conveyor belt system for a water purification treatment plant.

Working closely with CTM Systems to meet their commission, we helped propose constant revisions to the designs. This provided not only financial savings but superior structural enhancement to various parts of the structure.

Capable of building such large structures at our works, all aspects of our in-house operations came together to deliver this challenging and multi-faceted project. With input from our planning and design and structural engineering teams, crossed with our heavy, medium and sheet manufacture workmanship, we comfortable met the stringent requirements laid down by CTM Systems and their clients.