Bosch Hydraulic Power Unit

Bosch Rexroth’s leading position as a key industrial hydraulics provider, is due to its intelligent components, systems and extensive application and engineering know-how. Offering the world’s widest hydraulics range comprising standard products, application-related systems and state-of-the-art customised customer-specific hydraulic solutions.

It is with the state-of-the-art customised customer-specific hydraulic solutions that AClass Engineering has been appointed, on numerous occasions, to manufacture. Bosch Rexroth rely on our ability to carry out complicated, bespoke manufacturing. Capable of working to ultra-tight tolerances and consistently producing a high level of workmanship and finish.

Bosch Rexroth see us as the perfect partner to handle their bespoke fabrication. Reassured that our level of heavy, medium and sheet manufacture meets the stringent requirements to carry the Bosch Rexroth name.